The Cubs get a huge win in L.A.

This series has been fantastic. From the very beginning when the Chicago Cubs hit a grand slam, from  Clayton Kershaw shutting out the Cubs the very next night. Now heading back to Chicago, the Cubs are just one win away from going to the World Series. The bad news is, they have to win against either Clayton Kershaw or Rich Hill of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Picking a winner for this series is like trying to guess heads or tails in a coin flip. 50/50 chance, win or lose. There are minor factors involved but like in any sporting even, it’s only 50/50. Agonizing over statistics and injury reports are enough to make fans and sportwriters go mad. The truth is my guess is no better than your guess. There is no inside knowledge or secrets I’m not sharing to make myself feel superior to your guess. The Cubs seem to be headed to their destiny. The Dodgers want the World Series ring also. 

Watching every inning and pitch of the series, the slightest error has the biggest impacts. Weither it be a fielding error or a bad call from the home plate umpire, the series is being decided on fate. Nothing more and nothing less. It is very unfair of fans to use the “what if” scenarios for each game. What if the fielder caught that fly ball? What if instant replay didn’t over rule an odvious call in judgement? What if the Cubs bullpen would have been used earlier? What if Kershaw had pitched in game 5? These arguements and discussion are what make baseball the ultimate sporting event. In the end it is one pitcher throwing a ball as hard or fast as he can against another player with a bat trying to hit it. That’s it y’all. If ya break it down to other variables you’re probably thinking too much.

There is nomFriday night game thankfully. Rather than watching the MLB Network obsesssively as I normally do, tonight will be horror movie night. It’s easier being spooked by witches dancing in a forest Ora killer chasing you without running than be overly consumed with baseball. We all need a break from reality, to detach ourselves from our daily lives. Sure I could of given you the box scores of last night’s game and which Cubs players are swinging a hot bat, but I won’t. Not because I don’t care or am too lazy. It’s because if you are reading this article, the headline will tell you who won. If you are looking for a breakdown of the game, I can give you a list of different television shows to watch or newspapers to read. That’s my job, I do what I do out of love for the game of baseball. Maybe instead of overloading our heads with talk or guesses of coin flips, we can just focus on the game we love surrounded by those we love. Enjoy the game tomorrow night. Maybe tonight my friend and fellow writer John and I can find dates. The odds are in favor though, he lives in a town with a population over 1,000 people. 


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