Cubs get a monumental win in Chicago!

Relax Chicago, your Cubs are National League Champions. All the talks of curses and what not are done. With new General Manager Theo Epstein, and manager Joe Maddon all should be happier in Chicago. How fitting it was to not only win last night, but to beat who is arguably the best pitcher in baseball, Clayton Kershaw.

Last night’s game was pretty much decided in the very first 2 innings. Yes there were 7 other innings to play, but watching Kyle Hendricks pitch his way out of a lead off single, was spectacular. If the Los Angeles Dodgers had any chance to score runs off of Hendricks early, the 1st inning was their best chance. Even the Fox baseball commentators, Joe Buck and John Smoltz made the comments if the Cubs had hopes of scoring runs to take an early lead, they had better score early and as often as they could. 

The Dodgers would not score early or ironically at all last night. If you were looking forward to a 1-0 or 2-0 pitching duel last night, you may of been disappointed. I personally do not see how anyone could of been disappointed watching last night’s game. The atmosphere in Chicago was electric as the Cubs were the team who would rally in the 1st inning off of Clayton Kershaw. When Kershaw allowed 3 runs, it would of been extremely arrogant of anyone to assume the game was already over. This is playoff baseball and heroes emerge almost every game for both the Dodgers and the Cubs. 

The Cubs would also pad their early lead with solo home runs from Anthony Rizzo and Wilson Contreras. This was merely icing on the cake for Chicago. Cake would be an excellent way of describing Chicago last night. It takes time to make a cake. First you bake it, then you let it cool. Sure there are other things that can happen during the cooling process, this is the time when our patience is tested. Saying this bluntly to Cicago and their fans needs to be said, there was no curse and although it may of seemed their was a curse of goats and other such nonsense, there is not. Step 1 was winning the NL pennant, that’s mission is accomplished. Now all eyes will be the next task, the World Series and the Cleveland Indians. 

There was been no unofficial title for this series. If there were it would be all over MLB Network and other outlets. The Cubs haven’t won a World Series title in Chicago in 108 years. That’s a very long time, however the Indians haven’t won a World Series in 68 years. How fitting and ironic it is that the Indians manager, Terry Francona, ended the Boston Red Soxs “curse.” If the Cubs are hoping to end their drought of a World Series championship, they must take down Francona’s team in Cleveland. Just for. One last drop of excitement, when Francona won his first Championship in Boston,  Theo Epstein was the General Manager. Talk about a great World Series for both Cleveland and Chicago. Play ball.


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