Who will win the World Series?

Normally I ask an ambiguous question like this and it has no answer. That’s the point, to start conversations and hear all the arguements and suggestions. Unlike other articles, this question will be answered. Watching the Chicago Cubs and what they are doing for baseball and the city of Chicago is fun. The Cleveland Indians also want to bring another Championship to Cleveland since the Cavaliers beat them to it. No worries Indians fans, Terry Francona will bring your World Series trophy home soon, in a couple of weeks soon.

This may not be the most popular pick since MLB Network and ESPN are talking a lot about howcgreatvthe Cubs are and what a genius Theo Epstein is. Try and remember baseball fans, the Indians beat the Boston Red Soxs in a 5 game series on what was David Ortiz’s final year. Not only did the Indians send Ortiz off into the sunset, but they beat the Red Soxs in Boston. Then the Toronto Blue Jays were the next team to fall. The Blue Jays made the American League Championship a bit more interesting and even managed to win a game. Seriously, taking a long objective look at the ALCS, it wasn’t even close. 

The Indians have been anxiously waiting for the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers to fly back and forth all over the country. The Cubs dreams came true and they are heading to the World Series. That was exciting series to watch, but looking at the 2 teams objectively, the Indians are a better team. The Cubs are relying on emotions and fielding errors to win games. The Cubs also get to use the Designated Hitter for game 1 in Cleveland on Tuesday night. The disadvantage for the National League is they don’t normally play with the DH and don’t know how to use it to their advantage. This Ay seem like an ambiguous thing to say. How hard can it be? Harder than you might imagine. The Cubs need to win at least 1 of the first 2 games in Cleveland if they want their magical season to continue. The Cubs are relying on too many defensive great players such as Jason Heyward to make spectacular plays. The problem is Heyward is very inconsistent with his bat. Don’t believe me? Look at the numbers, they don’t lie. 

The series begins tomorrow night, and it will be fun. Luckily Chicago and Clevland have great fans who are willing to travel. Home field advantage might come into play, both teams are desperate for a World Series win. Great pitching and clutch hitting will decide the game odviously. Watch for small errors and poor base running. Those 2 factors are more important than who is pitching, in my humble opinion. Enjoy the series everyone, to quote Shakespeare, “come take my hands if we be friends and Robin will restore amends.” 


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