The Cubs offense came to Cleveland, but….

Last night’s game belong to the Celevland Indians. Corey Kluber pitch 6 plus shutout innings as the Indians shut down the Chicago Cubs. Terry Francona is now 9-0 in World Series games. After leading the Boston Red Soxs to 2 World Series titles, Theo Epstein and the Cubs parted ways with Francona. There were rumors of Francona losing his players respect in Boston.  Then the rumor mill starting cranking out stories of beer drinking during games and other such nonsense.

Roberto Perez would supply all the offense the Indians would need at the plate. Perez hit 2 home runs and drove in 4 of the Indians RBIs. A bit of advice from one sportswriter to Joe Maddon and the Cubs pitching staff, do not under any circumstances pitch fastballs or hanging breaking balls to Perez. In fact that advice should apply to any hitters in the Indians line up as the hits were many in Cleveland last night. Stolen bases were attempted and succeeded however Francona did not challenge a clear stolen base where the runners was called out.

The Chicago Cubs did have big hits in game 1 of the World Series. Their line up included very hot hitter such as Ben Zobrist, Kyle Schwarber, and Wilson Contreras. These are the middle hitters at number 4, 5, and 6 in the Cubs line up. Joe Maddon, the Cubs manager,  might want to tweek his line up card for game number 2 in Cleveland tonight.
 Schwarber returned to the Cubs line up since an injury kept him on the Disabled List since April. Being away from baseball for that long was not a problem for Schwarber. He hit a towering double in the 4th inning after walking in his first plate appearance in the 2nd inning. Schwarber struck out in the 7th inning but the excitement and power he brought to the Cubs line up can not be over looked.

Ben Zobrist continued his outstanding post season going 3 for 4 tonight batting in the clean up spot. Wilson Contreras also got a big hit, unfortunately the hits came in separate innings. David Ross was hitting in the number 10 spot and if Maddon can change up his rotation, the Cubs can string together a couple of runs and this series can easily change. Maddon kept Jason Heyward out of the line up due to Heyward lack of production at the plate. Late in the game the starting right fielder missed what may have been a routine fly ball for Heyward and his excellent defensive glove. 

Game 2 will the played at 6:00pm tonight due to possible rain in the forecast in Cleveland. This may benefit the Cubs and pitcher Jake Arrieta. Arrieta has had plenty of rest since his last appearance in game 3 of the National League Division Series, a game which he lost. It will be interesting to see how and if Maddon will change the line up for game 2. Regardless, it will be another outstanding game in Cleveland. 


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