Who will win tonight in Cleveland?

This is for sure an ambigious question. There is no for sure 100% answer. If someone is offering you inside information, they are more than likely lying to you. Tonight’s game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians will be not only exciting, but very exciting. The ballpark in Cleveland will be energized and the fans of both teams will be reacting to every pitch. When you love a sport more than most people, it’s easy to consumed over a sport you personally can’t control. 

My philosophy on life is love God, family and friends, baseball, and Atlanta Braves baseball. Basically what in trying to focus on is loving baseball. Then after you have a complete love of the game, it’s a lot easier to pick your favorite team. I chose the Braves since 90% of my family live in the South. If you have never been to Atlanta or Georgia, it’s not very difficult to see where the alliance lies. Finding a Braves baseball cap or apparel is not difficult at all. If you want proof, I’ll be happy to send pictures of my closest or any local shopping store. 

Since the Braves were out of the play off hunt officially back in August, shifting gears to the play offs wasn’t that difficult. Looking at all 10 teams who made it to the post season, picking the Cubs to represent the National League was fairly easy. My pick for the American League was very wrong with the Boston Red Soxs. I was hoping for a magical ending sending David Ortiz off into the sunset with his final World Series ring. The problem with my fantasyland, is it was based totally on emotion. The Cleveland Indians didn’t know about my fantasies,they just wanted to play ball. They had the right team peaking at the right time. Their pitching staff was unbelievable and they had to bats available to score early and often. I still think the Indians will win the World Series, but there is something great happening with the Cubs as well.

Tonight’s game will be at 8:00pm tonight on Fox. Well that is when the pre-game starts. We will hear Joe Buck and John Smoltz call the game as the commentators. Buck and Smoltz have been very good as a team and although Buck seems to get more excited and hyper than Smoltz, it’s not a bad thing. Smoltz has learned as a Hallmof Fame pitcher not to get over emotional and just let things develop. The game will be won tonight for one of the two teams. If I were a betting man, which I am absolutely not, I’d pick the Cubs to force a game 7. The television ratings would be spectacular for a game 7 to decide the World Series Champions of 2016. I will be more like John Smoltz tonight, I will watch the game, not get too emotional over a game I can’t control. Remember, love baseball first, then pick a team. 


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