One more game to decide everything.

The Chicago Cubs have won back to back elimination games, one in Chicago and one last night in Cleveland. The Cubs jumped on top early in the game scoring three runs in the 1st inning and they never looked back. Josh Tomlin of the Cleveland Indians allowed those runs after giving up a first inning home run to Anthony Rizzo. Later a missed fly ball out in right field allowed two more runs to score.

The Indians would inch their way back however the Cubs scored early and often. The biggest home run for the Cubs came off the bat of Addison Russell who became the 2nd youngest player in MLB history to hit a grand slam. The youngest player was Mickey Mantle. Any records in baseball where your name is mentioned in the same sentence as Mantle has to be exhillirating. Russell has shown the maturity at the plate in this post season than any other 24 year old can inspire to be. 

The Cleveland fans may have started celebrating too early. The atmosphere before the game even started seem to take on the illusion that Cleveland was winning Tuesday night,mans only 9 innings separated their first World Series since 1948. The fans in Chicago outside of Wrigley field were in a party like atmosphere that can be compared to the New Year’s Eve celebration in New York. There is no way of knowing how the 2 cities will celebrate tonight. Will Cleveland finally win it all tonight, or will the Chicago be the dancing in the streets?

Tonight’s game to decide who will win the World Series will have Kyle Hendricks on the mound for the Cubs against Corey Kluber of the Indians. Looking at the statics for tonight’s pitchers, Hendricks has not allowed a run in his last 2 starts. Accordingly Kluber has won game 1 and 4 in this World Series. Everything is on the line tonight and nothing will be second guessed by either Joe Maddon or Terry Francona, the managers of the Cubs and Indians. 1 run scoring might be the only run allowed. Enjoy the last MLB game of the 2016 season. Let’s see which cities long wait for a World Series title ends tonight. Trust me, your guess is as good as mine. Play ball!



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