Sports Illustrated needs to stop picking the World Series champions before pre-season starts.

Sports illustrated is a great magazine and an excellent resource for sports. They cover almost every sporting event in the world. Rather than praising the magazine, please allow me to criticize it.

Their opinions are no different from any other opinions in sports. Last year when the magazine picked the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series, it was a good pick indeed. This off season they have picked the Houston Astros to win it all. That seems like a good choice, the Astros have a great team on paper, just like the other 31 MLB teams.

I’m not criticizing   their pick at all. The Atlanta Braves also have a great team on paper. My criticism is that once teams or players are picked to win a championships and Heisman trophies, all the votes and circumstances seemed to go they way of their picks. When the Chicago Cubs were only 3 outs away from winning the 2016 World Series, there was a mysterious rain delay for over 20 minutes. Interesting since very little rain fell during this rain delay. Something that was drenched was the Indians chances of defeating the Cubs.

I am no Cleveland Indians fan. But the break in the game did energize the Cubs. Maybe this might seem as a bit of a stretch but so is calling out mysterious MLB calls. I give my opinions for baseball often. Sometimes I’m right, but my guesses are mainly picked from numbers and experiences. I do not written for S.I. or do I plan to. I’m just suggesting it will be interesting to see what strange phenomenon might occur if in game 7 of the World Series in Houston might get happen to delay the baseball game. A rain delay is out of the question since the Astros have a dome option at Minute Maid park in Houston. The stadium was once sponsored by  Enron, and the collapse of Enron was a huge controversy that collapsed once the evidence came to light. Lying in baseball is frowned upon, but so is trying to cover up lies with even more lies. You might be banned for life. Just ask the all-time hits leader Pete Rose what happens if you try to cover thing. Baseball is still the best game in the world and 

Spring Training will begin in March. It is fun to make preseason picks. The big difference between my pick and Sports illustrates’ pick is my pick won’t be on a cover of a magazine and available on the checkout stands. 


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