The fall of Cam Newton.

It is no big secret that the Carolina Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton has not quite lived up to his pre-season hype after leading the Panthers to the Super Bowl in 2015. One of the benefits of living in South Carolina is that our local cable stations televise all the Panthers’ games. I almost bought into the hype but luckily all of my favorite sport’s teams play in Atlanta.

Watching Newton tear off his imaginary shirt in his attempt to play the role of Superman is almost comical. Especially if the Panthers do not even reach the post season in 2016 . Football like other sports teams are just that, they are teams. Not all the players on  a team may play well together or there can be a team chemistry problem. When just one player on a team tries to do too much by himself, the entire team is affected. Newton position on the Panthers is quarterback. He plays that role well. Trying to be a mobile quarterback is a very difficult job. 

Defensive coordinators spend their off-season studying films and putting together different defensive schemes to prevent mobile quarterbacks from having great seasons. There have been many successful mobile quarterbacks in recent times from Steve Young to Russel Westbrook. Quarterbacks who can use their legs at running to get out of possible loss yardage plays are fun to watch. Newton can escape passing pockets collapsing or run the ball well. However watching him every game this season, it seems Newton wants to run every time his receiver is open. Cam you are a QB  not a running back. You can possibly be a very good running back,but that is not your position on the team. 

I write for SportNews Magazine and I mainly cover baseball. Although that is not my primary job, it becomes difficult to write about other sports that I’m not familiar with from top to bottom. We have a great team of writers but it would be foolish if I tried to write about sporting events I do not fully understand. It is not my job and trust me I will never try to write about UFC fighting. Basically Cam Newton your position on your team is quarterback. It is not quarterback plus. My job is baseball writer, not baseball plus one. Stick to what you know Cam Newton. The whole team will benefit in the end.


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