Why is college football doomed to fail?

The title of this article is where I see college football going. The bowl systems and ranking systems are flawed. That is not a shocking revelation at all, but unless the NCAA sets up unbiased system, college football will lose money.

When you suggest a sport losing money people will listen. This is happening to the NFL and I’ve supported my reasons in an article I wrote about how the NFL should stop Thursday Night football in 2018. Watching the reactions to the top 4 teams playing in the college football playoffs, where there is controversy you will lose fans and money.

 College football is a money making business. That is not at all controversial. Making money is what people strive for. Nobody works for free, even people who volunteer their services are being compensated in some way. Even if it’s only a mention in the back of a flyer or program, people want to be recognized. The NCAA does not pay college players, allegedly, but the universities make thousands and millions in revenue.

When the “human element” was taken out of ranking teams that did not last either. The BCS system is flawed was the argument. Then there was a demand for a human element being involved. There is not a perfect way to do it, and seeing the 4 teams in the college football playoffs for 2016 makes people wonder. How are Penn State and Michigan not in there but Washington is? Before you answer with the argument that Washington won their conference championship, look at the teams they are  beating for that championship.

The argument that it’s better to lose early  is absurd. I was divorced early but was that OK since I was only in my 30s? A loss is a loss just like divorce is a divorce. Now the college fans in the Big 10 are upset. If you don’t believe me, watch any sport’s show on college football. The money is flowing in college football, look at the numbers. Fans spend billions and billions every year on merchandise, tickets, and memorabilia.

With a legitimate system working  college football should be fine. I think the big officials in the NCAA are hesitant to try and change a flawed system. We as sport’s fans will evolve. We have over the years from instant replay on almost every play to referrers missed calls. Humans make mistakes, this is true in all walks of life, including sports. The debates will continue regardless of the sport that is being played or watched I no longer watch football and when I do, it’s not for very long. If a computer and human element can be found, the sport will improve and the money will be there. The bowls in college football are fun to watch and that tradition will continue. Please let’s all find a playoff system that works. Enjoy the holidays and Merry Christmas. 



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