Cheryl and the magical scarf

Once upon a time in an enchanted forest there was a fair maiden named Cheryl. She was a humble woman who had a passion for making clothes. She would stitch and knit most days and she was very well known around the village for her craft. The people of the surrounding villages would travel many miles for the clothes she sold in town weekly at the market. As rumours spread of her gifts for making clothes, a knight who worked as a guard for the Prince had an idea. The knight had been in love with a servant of the castle. This knight wanted to impress this servant, who was a cook for the royal family. The knight thought if he purchased one of Cheryl’s scarfs he would claim he had made it for the servant girl since winter was rapidly approaching. This would work thought the knight, only he would know.

The knight went into the market where Cheryl sold her clothing. The knight selected the most beautiful scarf she had. This would be wonderful the knight thought to himself. However the knight was unaware that the clothing Cheryl made were unique. The way Cheryl stitched was unlike anyone else in the country. All of Cheryl’s stitches had a bit of magic. Nothing like the ability to fly, but the magic of love. Whoever wore Cheryl’s clothing would meet their love. Cheryl did not know of this magic either. She just knew her clothing kept everyone warm. She found her passion in doing unto others and was never greedy. The knight put his plan into action. After buying Cheryl’s scarf, he presented it to the servant girl.

She was very grateful for the present. She wrapped the scarf around her neck. The knight had no idea about the servant but she was already married to someone else, a wood chopper for the king. The servant girl saw the scarf and after looking at it more closely, she saw the stitching of Cheryl’s work. Just a year ago her husband had presented a similar scarf to her. She immediately fell in love with him. When the knight had told the servant he had made it, she knew he was lying. The knight walked away in shame. All of his hopes were now gone. He wasn’t sure what to do next. 

He would return the scarf back to Cheryl since he had no use for it now. Cheryl took the scarf back but she saw how sad the knight was and she insisted the knight keep it. The knight lived in a warm castle so he had no use for the scarf. He then gave the scarf to a young lady in the market who looked cold. The lady gladly accepted the gift from the knight, it turned out that this girl was a member of the royal family who had lost her scarf in the forest. Once the lady put on the scarf she instantly feel in love with the knight.

As word spread around the kingdom about the knight and his caring heart the king insisted on meeting Cheryl. Cheryl and her scarf making changed the lives of everyone in the kingdom. The king appointed Cheryl as the clothes maker for his kingdom. Cheryl never knew of the magic of her scarfs. She lived a very long life in the castle making clothes and she lived happily ever after.


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